Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lucky 13

Hello darlings!

Now that 2013 has come to a close, I thought that I would relay to you the 13 words and lessons that defined my past year. And who knows, maybe these will help you with your new year's resolution!

1. ORGANIZATION- I can't repeat this enough. It helps your health, your work, your stress, and your relationships.

2. Spontaneity- being spontaneous can seem oddly juxtaposed with organization, but the two can come hand in hand. When all your assignments are done and you have an opportunity for plans coming up, you can say yes. And you should always say yes. 

3. Clarity- when your mind is clear, you are more likely to make intelligent decisions. Exercise, organization, and a clean diet can help you reboot your system and make better choices.

4. Sleep- I learned the importance of sleep this year; you are more productive for a test/conference/engagement getting 9 hours of sleep than spending all night preparing and being sleep deprived.

5. Optimism- goes along with clarity, but clear your mind every morning. Come up with a mantra, or a quote that inspires you. Mine is "This is the beginning of anything you want." 

6. Proactive- instead of spending time watching TV or "tumblring", make a list of things to get done and GET THEM DONE. All of them. Nothing feels as good as checking off a 'to-do' from a list.

7. Benevolence- being benevolent will not only make people like you, but it will make them want to follow you. I have learned that benevolence makes the difference between your team being successful and not accomplishing what they need to do.

8. Relax- set aside 30 minutes for a daily detox- listen to classical music and close your eyes, drink green tea, do whatever you need to to detox the constant stimulus from your day. I have learned that I am more productive if I set aside time to unwind. You can add that to your to-do it. 

9. Indulge (IN MODERATION)-- Do you want that ice cream bar? Eat it. But stop yourself at one. Eat the guilt foods in moderation. You are more likely to binge if you have abstained completely from the foods that you love.

10. Learn- be eager to learn, always. No person on this earth knows everything....but we can come close! Constant brain stimulation helps prolong and enhance brain function in old age.

11. Ebb&flow-- I guess that's two words but they seem appropriate together. Good times wouldn't be significant if we didn't experience the bad times. You appreciate the calm when you've lived through the storm.

12. Polished- You never know who you are going to meet in the grocery store when you chose to wear your boyfriend's ratty hoodie and those hideous sequined juicy couture sweatpants. So don't. 

And the Big 1-3: Drive- find something that you love and run with it, and be the best at it. Who knows, you might be the next big thing.

Cheers to the New Year, and all it has in store for us!



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