Friday, February 14, 2014

Preppy Tag!

Preppy questions! ⚓️

1. Bean boots, hunter boots, or riding boots?

Riding boots definitely-- my pair this season is from Sam Edelman. I really love my hunters though; I have a tall olive green pair. I don't know how much I like the look of bean boots.

2. What’s your monogram and favorite monogram style?

EKM and I love my monogram necklace- it's from etsy and it's gold. I have a personalized phone case with green brocade design and a navy circle with my monogram in it, which is my second favorite.

3.Favorite lilly print?

I love Tusk In Sun! 

4. Lilly , Kate, or tory?

Lilly. Duh.

5. Favorite pair of shoes?

Sam Edelman riding boots or my white jacks. I also love my leopard loafers.

6. What’s at the top of your wish list? 

I could always use another Lilly dress, but I really want to order gingham scalloped shorts off of eBay since they don't sell them in the store anymore. I also want a new pearl necklace, and a larger Longchampe- the one I have now is pretty small. 

7. Bows or pearls?
Pearls. Bows are cute but in small amounts. However, I am partial to the bow-back dresses and tops.

8. Jack Rodgers or sperrys?

Jack Rodgers-- Sperrys make my feet look weird.

9. If you could spend unlimited amount of money at one store what would it be?

JCREW. 'Nuff said.

10. Favorite go to outfit for lazy days?

I have my pixie pants that I love and my monogrammed royal blue quarter zip, with hunters or riding boots. I don't have any cute casual shoes.

11. Go to outfit for going out?

I have really liked cowl neck sweaters for going out in the winter- my favorite is from The Gap and it's grey. They make me feel so mature!

12. Anchors, whales, or polka dots?

I love all three! Hmm probably polka dots since they're more versatile but I don't know because anchors are adorable and of course VV is life.

13. Do you own anything from Kate spade? What is your favorite Item?

I have an old wallet but my favorite is a pair of delicate bow earrings, which I actually found at the Kate Spade Outlet. Your girl loves a good deal!

14. Field hockey, tennis or golf?

Volleyball? :)

But I like tennis. If I had to play, I would want to play field hockey since they wear skirts.

15. Do you prefer sailing/boating or skiing? 

Boating. I skiied my whole childhood but them I broke my arm in half coming off of a jump when I cut ice-- and I haven't skiied since! I am too scared. Boating is probably the most relaxing and fun activity in the summer. 

16. Have you ever been to cape cod or Martha’s Vineyard or natucket? 

I drove through that area but I've never visited. 

17. Southern prep or northern prep?

Southern...woot! Have you seen the name of my blog?

18. Jcrew or Ralph Lauren?

Jcrew. Jcrew. Jcrew.

19. Last thing you bought?

I actually haven't been shopping in a while- oh my jcrew field jacket in navy.

20. Favorite Item in your closet?

My navy blue bow back shift dress! 

Stay classy!



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